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Most Important Instruments That Make Up A Live Band!


There is a debate on what are the most important instruments in a live band. But as a disclaimer, a band would not be a band if there are no singers and no instrumentalist of course. However, with further readings and research, if fair to say there are some “stand outs” in the industry!


The following are deemed as the most important instruments that make up live band:


  • Vocalist or Singer– The singer you choose for your band is arguably the most important aspect. At Yarra Valley Wedding Singers, we take our singing very serious. Daily practice and of course lots of time spent learning songs!
  • Piano or Keyboard – this is no surprise because it accompanies the singer of the band or even soloists, duos or trios. Can be brought to canapés time for weddings or pre dinner for any other events.
  • Guitar– a staple for acoustic and country songs performances, a great guitar player is essential at your wedding!
  • Electric Guitar – works with amplifiers and definitely can be heard a little louder than the other instruments but most likely has a huge following for rock band members.
  • Trumpet and clarinet – provides that velvety smooth and rich sound for the songs played by the band.
  • Saxophone –gives out full bodied sound that provides that “attitude” and grace for the music.
  • Violin – this is uncommon in some Melbourne wedding bands but can definitely be added into our band and adds a classy touch to any song.
  • Drums – there are those who agreed that one can tell what genre is the song being rendered with the drums may it be pop, jazz, blues etc. Others would say that even if the other instruments are not heard, a singer would not be lost in his or her performance while listening to it.
  • Bass Guitar– a bass guitarist plays all the low notes of a song. Having both a drum and bass player ensures that the live music for your wedding will be upbeat and dance worthy. Drum and bass lines are notorious for giving songs a rhythm that makes the listen want to get up and dance. Bass guitars have a low register, and support the rhythm of the song. It’s no surprise that a lot of musicians say they are the most crucial.

One would argue that no one component or instrumentalist outshines the others. A band is an artistic union of voices and instruments that does not outplay each other but blends in to create amazing live music!

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