Top 6 Reasons to Hire Wedding Music Band Melbourne

Do you want high-energy live music for a wedding? If yes, look no further than Ms. Lexi & Celestial, the best wedding music band Melbourne to play all your favorite songs. We are a premium musician band specialising in music for weddings, festivals, and corporate events and play a wide range of music genres at world-class standards. Today’s article will give you the top six reasons to hire Ms. Lexi & Celestial. Read on!

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Reasons to Hire Wedding Music Band Melbourne

Impressive wedding ceremonies are how Ms. Lexi & Celestial have earned their fantastic reputation. Our band prides itself on a flawless performance, and we focus on thorough preparation and make substantial efforts to ensure you have the best wedding ceremony in Melbourne, Australia. Here are the six reasons to hire us.

1.   Customization

Whether you host a civil, symbolic, or religious wedding ceremony, Ms. Lexi & Celestial is here to bring your marriage party to life. You can tailor our band to your unique style, musical tastes, and budget.

Whether you require a full band, acoustic duo, trio, or solos, we have got you covered. Besides, the wedding reception is where our group of professional musicians and singers shine, playing a wide range of songs. So tell us about your vision, and we will work together to create your dream wedding.

Ms. Lexi & Celestial Wedding Music Band Melbourne offers leading entertainment services from simple weddings to luxury marriage celebrations in an atmosphere and style to suit your event.

Our band offers personalised services with a dedicated wedding music producer and planning system, streamlining the entire event. Booking Ms. Lexi & Celestial is an easy process, leading to an overall enjoyable experience.

2.   High-Quality Equipment

Ms. Lexi & Celestial follows a step-by-step approach to offer a high-quality band planning system, allowing for a flexible wedding ceremony. Our band provides all professional aspects for the wedding, including a high-quality sound system, cables, microphones, recorded music, DJ + MC, etc.

Besides, this music equipment is used by our stellar musicians with incredible energy, offering the highest quality performance and client services. Bear in mind that the atmosphere of our professional musicians and premium-quality equipment will bring an unrivaled wedding experience.

Hear all your favorite songs and amuse your guests with our music tailored to your guests’ preferences. We have a cutting-edge sound system and ensure the volume complies with venue sound regulation or your preferences.

3.   Live Performance

Wedding Music Band Melbourne, Ms. Lexi & Celestial, offers energetic and live-action because our band delivers your guests’ favorite dance tunes. We also provide DJs, which are relatively inexpensive for you, but the live performance brings more enthusiasm and electricity.

Our team makes efforts to include the most popular dance hits, ensuring an entertaining and unforgettable experience for your family, friends, and other guests. But, of course, we also retain your requested songs in the list.

Our experienced live band has played heartwarming songs for the bride and groom. We know what your guests like and don’t like and what your guest like to dance to, giving you the freedom to control the music part of your wedding and energize the party.

1.   Stunning Visuals

Wedding Music Band Melbourne ensures entraining your guests visually, allowing them to enjoy our performance and hit the dance floor. Not only our lighting system and visual elements will make your guests entertained, but they also remember your wedding for a long time. It is because we value our clients.

In addition, our live and stunning visuals add more energy to our performance, and we bring out an emotional attachment to each song play at your wedding. Unlike recorded music, our live band will bring out pleasant emotions and excitement for your wedding.

2.   Thrilled Atmosphere

Ms. Lexi & Celestial is a professional band that focuses on creating an interactive atmosphere, allowing guests to interact with each other while enjoying the entertaining wedding songs. That way, your guests will hit the dance floor and enjoy themselves with their newly found friends.

We aim to create a joyous atmosphere by playing the right music to entertain your guests and bring a joyful mood or smile to their faces. Our band knows the significance of a stimulating environment for a wedding, and we do whatever it takes to make this happen.

3.   Flexibility

Although our Wedding Music Band Melbourne offers a full band, Acoustic Trio, Solos and DJ + MC service, most clients love our acoustic duo services. Apart from the affordable cost, the primary reason people book us for an acoustic duo is flexibility.

Our professional team takes less time to set up the equipment and makes efforts to meet your schedule. Besides, we have a flexible repertoire that enables us to keep your guests relaxed with background music, a “dance” set, or music for the bride and groom without any obstructions.

Our experienced team can give you a wide range of acoustic setlist ideas, and as professional wedding musicians, we will ensure everything goes smoothly and according to your requirements.

Moreover, we offer DJ + MC to streamline the entire process as our DJ will control the music, and MC will make announcements and communicate with your guests. That way, we can program the musical list and operate all essential sound functions. Our MC will host your wedding and stay visible to entertain your guests.

Wedding Music Band Melbourne

Wedding Music Band Melbourne


It is common for people to play recorded music at weddings. Although recorded music can entertain your guests, a live music band like Ms. Lexi & Celestial will add a professional feel to your wedding.

The reason is that we are professionally trained and experienced to perform in weddings and know how to entertain your guests. Having performed music in Melbourne for many years, our team recognises that each wedding ceremony is unique.

Wedding Music Band Melbourne advises whether an acoustic duo or trio is suitable for your marriage party. You can also hire us for solos and DJ + MC services. Lastly, unlike other bands in Melbourne, we are reliable and affordable. Contact us today!